Get The Best Cost-Effective Video Walls With Video Wall Digital Signage Singapore

A video wall refers to a collection of several screen sets attached together continuously in rows and columns to make one large screen. A video wall can be made up of several flat screen televisions, computer screens and monitors or video projectors. You must have noticed these video walls in large supermarkets, malls, shopping centers and squares, fashion stores, sports stadiums etc. A multitude of companies and other organization use video walls for advertisement purposes to give a larger than life display of their products.

Video walls are also used on a large scale for aesthetic purposes especially by restaurants and hotel establishments to give the customers a luxurious feel

The advantage of using several screens to form a large video wall instead of using one big screen is that it gives better picture quality and pixel density. Also, it is customizable according to the needs of the organization. And above all is much more cost effective. The walls can be made according to the preferences and set in several designs if needed like in a grid system. The matrix of the screens depends upon their usage and preferences of the installer.

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What are the ways to control the video walls?

Using hardware controllers is a reliable method and gives a highly effective performance. They use a chipset of video processors instead of using any operating system.

Using software controllers have a user-friendly interface and involve the usage of operating systems through computer sets.

You can get the best picture and video quality with video wall digital signage singapore.